Spare Stage

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

NOTE:  Spare Stage is currently not accepting anymore submissions at this time.  We are working to complete review of the many submissions we have received and will update the status once we open the submission period again.

Spare Stage only accepts queries for full-length and one-act plays (20-40 mins).  We have two primary areas for which we accept submission queries:

  • 2nd+ productions for consideration for 2019/2020 and beyond (plays that have had one or more productions) - temporarily closed
  • New Works for consideration in the Explorations reading series (unproduced plays) - submission period closed

Work that will have the best chance:

  • Includes or centers on tense situations and complex relationships
  • Is relevant to current events, or comments upon our current world using historical, futuristic, or fantastical parallels
  • Reimagined, updated, and reinterpreted legends, myths, and allegory
  • Compelling, surprising given-circumstances
  • Interesting use of pace and action
  • Whether the language is verbose and languid or stoic and succinct it has poetic sensibilities, imagery, rhythm, and purpose
  • Is specific - place, time, action, person; avoids using vague character definition, place and location solely to create one-size-fits all production
  • Is between 45 and 90 minutes, no more than 2 hours
  • Has diverse casting opportunities
  • Smaller cast sizes (5-7)
    While budget plays a role in the cast requirements, our desire for smaller casts is focus and simplicity.
  • Can be staged successfully in a spare setting
    We don't generally build sets, but we do suggest settings with well placed furniture, accents, set dressing, minimal set pieces, and/or lighting effects and projections.  We try to make all elements as bare minimum (but high quality) as necessary.  Our mission is a spare stage in order to highlight the script and actors.

For queries we generally ask for a 5-10 page sample of the play that you feel best showcases your writing and demonstrates the dynamic of the play.  Please resist the urge to just attach your full script.

Spare Stage